Lunch hour in Redwood Park


With such a short stay in San Francisco this week I don’t have time to visit the coast redwoods in their native habitat in Muir Woods.  The next best thing is this peaceful park in the heart of the Financial District.

Out on Montgomery everyone is in a hurry, hustling down the street with a carryout lunch to take back to the office.  Cab drivers vie for position with motorcycles and pedestrians, honking when someone doesn’t move fast enough.

Inside the park a fountain muffles the street noise and tourists sit on benches, pens poised over postcards.


The grove of redwoods tower overhead. How tall are they?  I try to gauge based on the buildings behind them, but I’m not sure–my best guess is 150 plus feet.  They are the tallest trees on earth and can reach 300 feet.

I could stay here all day, but will venture back out to the street to catch a bus.

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