Winter Walk – Centennial, CO


It’s a rare day that I am the first person to put my footprints on a path frequented by dog walkers and joggers, but it happened this morning.

Dave and I arrived in Denver last night and woke to a light dusting of snow. The temperature was a chilly twenty degrees, but the sun was shining brightly compelling me to take a walk along the dry Willow Creek while Dave did his jobsite review.

Overhead a flock of Canada geese was flying south in formation and I noticed small paw prints on the trail.  I wasn’t the first creature out and about after all.

3 thoughts on “Winter Walk – Centennial, CO

  1. Brrrr…don’t know that I’d be compelled to get out with it that cold, sun or not! You can say now that you are a trailblazer of sorts!!

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