The Un-White Christmas

Photo Credit: Pétur Gauti via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Pétur Gauti via Compfight cc

No white Christmas for New Mexico this year.  According to a story I heard on KUNM  that’s not uncommon–it happens about once every sixteen years for Albuquerque.  Santa Fe with its proximity to the mountains is more likely to have snow, but not this year.

On Christmas afternoon it was sunny and forty degrees, perfect for a walk.  Dave and I met our friend David and his golden retriever at a trail head west of Santa Fe,   There were remnants of an earlier snow for Seamus to roll in, but the trail was dry.

It reminded me of the many Christmases I spent as a kid in Liberal, Kansas.  We always hoped for snow, but it rarely happened.  Somewhere, I have a photo taken out on our driveway on one of those Christmas days.  My sister, eight- or nine-years-old , dressed in plaid wool pants and a heavy sweater is just about to find her balance on a new pair of stilts, not a snowflake in sight.

I checked the weather in Liberal when we got home from our walk–clear and forty-seven degrees.  I like to think there were a few kids out on Fairview Street playing with new toys.

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