Weekly Roundup 3/16/15

 Photo Credit: Mr.TinDC via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Mr.TinDC via Compfight cc

I’ve been spending more time with numbers than words lately trying to finish the taxes so I can get outside and enjoy the first days of spring.

From my desk I’ve noticed a robin hanging out at the birdbath, mostly standing on the edge, sipping, but late yesterday he waded in and had a good splash.

Anne Schmauss’s  recent column in the New Mexican had several tips to help identify backyard birds.  She advises taking the time to really observe the details—size, shape, markings— before opening the field guide.  Following her advice I spent a long moment looking at the robin, noticing for the first time his white eye ring.

Another sure sign of spring is all of the talk of basketball.  Since I don’t have a clue about any of the teams this year (I never really do) I have opted for a different bracket challenge—Mammal March Madness.  Stealing time away from my calculator I have been googling quokkas and numbats, making totally unscientific choices based mostly on cuteness.

Soon our local bears will be waking up and Albuquerque is one city where they are welcome according to this top-ten list of wildlife-friendly cities.  Austin, Texas was rated number one and New York City ten.  In between were some I might have guessed, Portland and Seattle, and a couple I wouldn’t have, Atlanta and Indianapolis.

And finally, do you know one thing that Steve Jobs and Charles Dickens had in common?  A love of walking according to this article touting the benefits not only to our physical health but also to our creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Have a great week and take a walk!






March Madness Mammals



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  1. I enjoyed your blog about the birds, basketball, bears and walks. The weather is beautiful here and I hope to get out and walk and watch the many different kinds of birds that live in our trees.

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