A Busy Week for NM Game and Fish

 Photo Credit: CEBImagery.com via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: CEBImagery.com via Compfight cc

Late last week New Mexico Game and Fish (NMGF) got a call in Raton about a mountain lion suspected of eating a puppy and confirmed it after they killed the young female cat and performed a necropsy.

Just days later, about 300 miles south in Lincoln Country, NMGF was investigating a bear attack.  A man hunting for shed elk antlers in heavy brush startled a bear that bit and scratched him.  The injuries were not life-threatening; he was treated and released from the hospital.  NMGF is still looking for the bear

Both press releases provide a list of things to do to help avoid incidents like these.  It’s pretty basic stuff, but it seems like we need a reminder each year.  I know I found it hard to believe that bears really walked through my backyard until I found the mangled suet feeders.

  • Don’t leave pet food, bird feeders, or trash outside.
  • Bring pets inside at night.
  • Make noise when walking in areas of heavy brush or trees.

And, if you should actually come face to face with either one:

  • Do not run.  Back away slowly.
  • Try to look as large as possible.  Raise your arms. Open your coat.
  • Fight back with anything at hand if attacked.

I have been considering a short camp out in the Gila National Forest (hoping to hear the howl of a Mexican wolf), but I admit these stories make me hesitate.  I have to remind myself that it’s rare to encounter a bear or a cougar and even if they are nearby, their instincts tell them to avoid us.














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