Happy New Year!

Perhaps to those familiar with their ways
The sight would not have been so startling:
A deer fording the Missouri in the early afternoon.
–Kevin Cole*

 Photo Credit: ahisgett via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ahisgett via Compfight cc

I had a few of those moments in 2015:  a family of skunks scurrying down a dark, wet street; a butterfly landing on my sleeve for just a moment; a young buck drinking from the birdbath in my backyard.  Moments that made me hold my breath and stay still.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I wish you a wonderful 2016 filled with magical moments!

*Here is the link to Kevin Cole’s poem “Deer Fording the Missouri in the Early Afternoon”





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  1. I enjoy reading your blog and hope you continue to write it. It is fun to read about the many things you observe and experience in your life and nice that you take the time to write about them for others to enjoy.

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